Nostalgia through Stories

Kids reaching for the past in hope of the future. A lot of what you wear sparks conversation can spark conversation from “I like your shirt” into a full blown conversation sometimes. We're able to teach others about who we are from the simplicity of a T-Shirt. As what Bobby Hundreds said in his book "This is Not a T-Shirt" that there's a deeper sense of knowledge what we wear can convey and a community that backs those ideals.

We chose our name from the fruition on how things can move in cycles and how it feels that it can be us reaching for a bridge into the past. More so children off of what was before whatever it may be and giving it a new fresh paint of today. When we learn things from our teachers, our mentors, etc, we continue on a legacy of information but putting that information into what makes sense of us and what will make sense in the sustainability of the future of whatever we do.
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